Construction Health And Safety Law In London Is There To Protect You

Health and Safety Consultancy in London

Working in the construction industry is common in London and throughout the UK. It is work that helps to support millions of people on some level or another. One of the concerns about construction is the safety of those who work in it, and this can be seen in many of the health and safety laws that are in place. You might be surprised with how far-reaching some of the laws can be.

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As far as general health and safety is concerned, this is something that is a responsibility of each individual who is working for the construction company or is active on the job site. Being safety conscious is certainly important, and regardless of the construction health and safety law that might be in place in London, there are always going to be human errors that occur which is why you should seek the advice of qualified health & safety consultants in London. Along with understanding the law that is associated with the construction industry, it is important to recognise the need to be cautious and to work safely.

In London, as well as throughout the UK, there are many different regulations in place that are directly associated with safety and health at work. As far as the construction industry is concerned, they may fall under a number of different specific regulations that are sometimes referred to as the “six pack.” Many of those regulations were enacted in 1992, including manual handling operations, workplace regulations, personal protective equipment and display screen equipment regulations. Additional regulations included the provision and use of work through equipment and the management of health and safety, enacted in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

Although the laws that were enacted above cover much of the construction health and safety law in London, there are also additional regulations that may be considered, depending upon the specific work that is being done. Those additional laws and regulations include the handling of chemicals, how to report industries, the control of hazardous substances, the control of noise at work, asbestos, lead, major accidents, ionizing radiation, harbor areas, explosive atmospheres and working at heights. In order to get a full understanding of the laws that may be specific to your area of work, it is important to look at some of the smaller groups as well.

When a problem occurs and there is a breach of any of the regulations listed above or any others that are associated with the construction industry, it is considered a crime in the United Kingdom. An individual or individuals who are responsible for such a breach of law could be indicted and convicted for a number of crimes. It is also possible for a corporation to be punished and fined as well.

If you have suffered physical harm or damage as a result of a breach of any of those regulations, you can claim damages against the person responsible for the job site or your employer. That is, of course, provided that they were negligent.

There is much that can be said about the health and safety laws for construction in London. It is an area where years of intensive study have taken place in some cases. Having a brief overview, however, can help you to understand the need to work safely and understand some of the regulations that are in place.

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