The Convenience Of Reclaimed Brick Tiles

Reclaimed Brick Tiles

There are always new products coming onto the market for homes and buildings. There’s one trend, made up by many companies, that takes old reclaimed brick and makes tiles out of them. No more hassle of handling, heavy, unrelenting brick and altering the space to accommodate them.

Truthfully, it’s a lot easier to ship and even place reclaimed brick tiles on jobs than whole bricks. It’s less costly to ship it. Though, reclaimed brick runs approximately £10 per square foot.

For that cost, you can name the look, and even match the traditional and period styles found as part of your own home. Or, take an entirely new home and finish it in stylish brick or milky tiles. It’s really all about the imagination and what you want to accomplish.

Not all reclaimed brick tiles is rectangle in shape, either. Much of it is not fire engine red either. That’s great news for today’s homeowners and businesses, who may be looking to add a little more style and color to their designs.

Curved tiles are great for making a wall, floor or patio mosaic come together beautifully. The same holds true for putting together a fireplace scene, or a countertop. There are many ways to make tile take center stage in the home.

Because they are thinner, they are much easier to lay on vertical surfaces as well. Even an outdoor hearth can take kindly to the added patterns of some brick tile styles.

Taking an existing building and adding on accent pieces or whole new areas is possible with reclaimed brick. It can be matched to existing, older brick, or just give a great new fashion or style to your home.

Consider it to give an aged or softer look to a space. Look at the size of the space to determine how much material will be needed. Decide on a budget, and include the materials required to lay the tiles along with the cost of labor.

The cost of reclaimed materials can run anywhere from a couple dollars to 10 or more dollars per square foot, just for the reclaimed brick alone. That’s why professional installation is actually highly recommended. There is not as much financial leeway to mess up the project as there might be, say, with a linoleum or vinyl product.

While people may look at the price tag, the important part of the installer is that they know what they are doing. In particular, that’s the case with the reclaimed brick. Even if you have all the money in the world, it’sm important to remember that the material is not being made any longer. It is something of a one-of-a-kind, even if there is more material to purchase.

Another tip for people who are in the market for reclaimed products is to buy some excess material. You never know when you may have to replace a broken tile, or when you may decide to do the rest of the patio. Whatever the case, always have some extra on hand.

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