The Huge Advantage Of Modular Building Construction

Modular Building

While the old way of building homes, offices, outbuildings, and other structures has endured for many hundreds of years, the new modular method of building may soon take over. The biggest objection to many pre-fabricated homes was always the quality of construction first and then the limited number of different style available. However, the quality of construction is something that can easily be fixed and with computer controlled manufacturing millions of styles, shapes, and architectures can be made. Basically, the sky is the limit with all of the new modern computer controlled facilities now.


Modular Building System Example

The Structures Are Built Inside Where The Climate Is Controlled

Building modular buildings is done almost completely inside a factory and then the pieces are assembled on location. This has huge advantages in time saved, materials used, and products delivered. In the first place, since all of the workers are under cover, the problems with bad weather are completely eliminated. Each worker will have the latest in power activated tools which make his job far faster, more accurate, and of higher quality than onsite construction.

The other huge savings comes from having all the materials delivered to the factory by a constant stream of rail cars or freight trucks. This is far more efficient since all of the products can be offloaded by cranes making it safer, more efficient, and cheaper. Then, when the computer lays out all of the cuts they can be done in an assembly line fashion. This makes hundreds of cuts in just a few hours that would normally take days on a job site. Since the cuts are mostly done by highly accurate computer saws, they are perfectly square, exactly the right size and length.

The Amount Of Time Saved By The Factory Is Nearly Half

The time that gets saved in a modular building factory can be as much as half because the computer controlled cutting is done at nearly one cut per second. Once all of the pieces are cut, the workers can begin assembling the various panels also in a very assembly line style which saves massive amounts of time.

Another huge cost savings for factory built homes is that the workers have a steady stream of work to do all day every day. There is very little down time due to weather or lack of work, plus there is no extra travel time between the different jobs.

Once the modular pieces are delivered to the actual home site, they are ready to be assembled rapidly by a team of experienced workers. They can possibly construct the entire home in just a couple of days, rather than weeks. There are no cost overruns, late finishes, or other normal construction problems since the panels are all perfectly done, ready to assemble and go together in just a few minutes each.

If you have an office, church building, or home you’d like built, you can save lots of time and money by going modular. There are now thousands of designs that can be built, even custom made, so you should at least check out the price savings to compare to your standard build homes.

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